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Who We Are.

Integris Group is a unique professional services firm with deep expertise in sales, marketing and digital transformation.

Our company was founded to address the ongoing fundamental challenge organizations face with defining strategy, talent acquisition, training & development, skills assessment, process development & alignment as well as overall enablement and performance.

Through our years of experience and proven methodologies, Integris Group not only offers the top talent, but we offer best-in-class consulting services to help organizations on their journey to excellence.

We empathize with our clients and help solve their complex problems using the right human capital, strategy and thought leadership.

Breakdown silos, in favor of customer satisfaction.

Our approach creates the flexibility to change without disruption.

our core values.

At Integris Group, our employees are driven to create value every day. Our core values are the foundation of our company, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision.



This is the core guiding principle of our company and why we were founded. To create an environment where our internal and external partners feel they are surrounded by trust, sound behaviors, and ethical principles.


We strive daily to UNDERSTAND our partners. We take this approach with every interaction and believe this is vital for a partnership.

Radical Candor

We want to empower our partners to feel they can express how they feel, push one other for greatness, all with the intent to help serve the goals we set out.

Exceptional Results

We have a burning desire to be the best versions of ourselves and produce world class results. We work toward this every day and do not get complacent.


We must be able to recognize we do not have all the answers and our partners all make mistakes. We have the mental fortitude to admit when we are wrong and are grateful for the success we achieve.


We are always in this together. Not one person makes us who we are, we do this all together with a constant reminder of we cannot achieve the results we want without thinking of one another.


We genuinely want our partner to ENJOY coming in to work. We never lower our standards of exceptional results, but we never get too serious and always make it a point to laugh as much as we can.

How are we different?

We create a bridge that addresses the capabilities, resourcing, coordination, cultural and accountability barriers that often prevent the realization of a good strategy’s full potential. We help translate strategies into action that leads to desired results.

We strongly believe, a brilliant idea is only as good as its implementation.

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