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Professional Workforce Services

Business success is much more than having the right people on your team. We work closely with you to align individual employees, teams, and organizational structures with business goals to accelerate the growth of your organization.


Sales Consulting

Sales and other executive leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options—people, structure, process, compensation, management, training—we help pinpoint exactly what to do to raise the bar on performance.

Digital Transformation Services

Providing seamless customer and employee experiences is vital in business today. As you look to digitally transform your business, we can help tap into new resources and a vast talent ecosystem that combine to deliver a holistic transformation.

Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems.

Our team is the preferred partner for business growth through flexible services that help our clients implement best-in-class sales, marketing and technology processes with resources to drive real results.

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Prior to partnering with Integris Group, our client struggled with not only identifying top talent, but spent countless hours interviewing unqualified candidates which led to lost time and revenue.

Our Approach

Once the partnership was created with Integris Group, we took our consultative approach spending significant amount of time:

1. Understanding the Various Sales Roles
2. Implications and Goals Tied To Each One
3. Assessing Current Internal Processes
4. Assessing Current Sales Enablement Tools
5. Understanding Company Culture

The time spent assessing how each role varied as well as the success and failures from previous hires, all led Integris Group to be extremely prescriptive with our solution of procuring/screening talent.

End Result

Our client selected four hires from the only four candidates we provided. This led to substantial soft dollar savings, massive efficiency gains and most importantly, all of the hired candidates thriving with productivity. Thus, increasing top line and bottom line objectives based on the quality.



Dev10 was going through rapid growth mode, and as such they needed to hit major milestones as they looked to add to their sales team. They made it very clear to us they were looking for an elite group of individuals as their IT service was not only new and cutting edge, but required a very high level acumen and strategy to achieve their desired results. Their previous experience working with other firms was subpar at best, and they were losing out on market share opportunities due to poor quality and lack of consultation.

Our Approach

We took on a very consultative approach as we do with every client to not only understand all aspects of their service and industry, we went deep in understanding their idea of what true sales enablement and operations would need to support these important hires. We spoke with multiple stakeholders, went deep with all aspects of their sales cycle, target audience, and sales process. Furthermore, we understand all cultural aspects of their company and vision.

End Result

Not only were able to make consultative suggestions on sales enablement and operations that made immediate impacts, we worked closely with their Senior VP and stakeholders to prioritize the multiple sales roles they had, making suggestions of how to approach these hires. As such, we not only filled every open role they had in under 30 days, some of our talent was promoted into bigger roles in less than 90 days to their skill level and culture match. This was a great combination of sales consulting as well as talent procurement which led to immediate ROI and revenue generation.



AMS had challenges finding the right individuals to help spearhead their companies growth initiatives. When working with other firms, they had trouble finding the right mix of skill and culture for their team. With several large projects coming up, they needed a partner who could help them find the right person to take on an Senior level role within the organization to make sure each of these projects were successful.

Our Approach

We took an in depth approach and invested the time with the executive team to make sure we fully understood all aspects of the upcoming initiatives and skills needed to make sure these projects were successful. Because this was a critical role and a Senior level position within the organization, we took the time to not only understand what skills this person needed to deliver on the upcoming projects, but also what characteristics were needed to help drive the organization forward.

End Result

Our client was so impressed with the candidate we provided, they converted the consultant full-time within the first 45 days of him being on-boarded. Because of the quality and our ability to deliver we have taken on more of a consultative approach with the executive team to help with resource planning for upcoming initiatives to help them reach their growth goals.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say about Integris Group.

Stan M.

Chief Sales Officer

Tyler W.

SVP of Sales/Operations

Rob J.


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“I reached out to Integris as my organization desired to scale-up with talent in hopes of delivering our next major revenue milestone.

During the initial consultation, I was pleasantly surprised by their approach.

Integris wanted to understand my problems, processes, and systems to support our growth strategy.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of my business, they began sending me qualified candidates to help me solve my problems.

As a result, I saved countless hours and hired some of the most well-qualified people in our industry to help my company achieve our business objectives.”

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“I have been in IT sales and sales/operational leadership for years. A strategy can only take you so far if you do not have the execution. Conversely, execution can only take you so far without Strategy.

We were at a point that the only way we could scale, and quickly, was through exceptional procurement of talent and strategy. We did not have time for mediocrity let alone spend countless time educating someone on what a great sales hire looks like and why. The experience I had with Integris Group was world class.

Frankly, I believe just about every candidate they provided our team was a hire for a variety of roles. The ability for them to UNDERSTAND our process, culture, and what it takes is a testament to their experience doing this as former leaders.

They also provided sound advice and strategy which makes them unique – I have used other consulting firms before and it is not even in the same playing field.

Thank you so much Integris Group.”

Read Testimonial

“Thank you Integris Group for being a key contributor to NDI’s successful growth and business initiatives.

Your consultative approach and ability to step in and have an immediate impact on filling our manning shortfalls with qualified, energetic and self-starting personnel have already made its mark on our company. 

I fully intend on leveraging your industry expertise and plan on outsourcing these services to your team in the future, I look forward to working with Integris for many years to come.”

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